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Are you looking for violin lessons that are fun? I am a friendly and experienced violin teacher with a long track record in teaching, from beginner to conservatory entrance levels. I offer different kinds of lessons, playing together with others is an important ingredient in all of them. Together we decide which kind fits you best. Please note that my classsroom is Covid compatible.


Interested? Try out a lesson free of charge to see if we match.
+31 (0)629457287


I follow the rate set by the KNTV, which is 46/60 minutes this year.

Standard: 30 minutes - €23/lesson, €92/month

Individual lessons suitable for starters.

Extended: 45 minutes - €34,50/lesson, €138/month

For more advanced pupils for whom 30 minutes is too short.

Biweekly: 60 minutes - 45/lesson, €92/month

For adults who know how to practice on their own.


I teach 40 weeks per year according to school calendars, on the Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons. School holidays are off. You will have a fixed time slot, but if necessary we improvise. Missed lessons can be caught up on a Saturday afternoon.


The easiest payment is a monthly automatic transfer for 10 months; I will remind you to stop it for the summer break. In case you want to stop with lessons, a notice period of one month applies.


Twice a year we work towards a project day in which we all play together in different settings. The day ends with a performance for friends and family in De Eester, a nice location with piano close by my house. Participation is not compulsory but works miracles for fun and motivation. Also it prepares you for ensemble playing, and that is what playing the violin is all about.

At the end of the year I offer you the possibility to show your progress to your supporters. This is also held at De EesterThese activities are included in the normal rates, but I may ask the audience for a small contribution to cover for the rent and the piano.


Dieuke van der Wielen

Panamakade 212

1019 TT Amsterdam

tel +31 (0)629457287


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